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The Life of a Double Agent

Agent Sydney Bristow

sydney a. bristow
26 November 1988
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Hey everyone, my name is Carolyn. I'm 20 years old and I love love love LOVE the show ALIAS. I enjoy making icons from the show and roleplaying as Sydney when I get a chance. This used to be my icon journal but now my icons are posted at the community listed below. =) so if you actually have some interest in me and not just my icons, you can feel free to friend this journal and i'll most likely friend you back, just as long as I feel we have some stuff in common. ;) I'll hopefully be making more personal entries here so stay tuned! <33

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From this moment on, all of my icons will be posted in THIS journal, backtwobasics. It is a joint icon community with the wonderful and very talented, Jamie/storybox. Please go friend this journal, it is just getting started. =) Thank you and happy iconing! ♥

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and as you can see, i LOVE syd/vaughn. =)

made by mindyourhead_ss

Games I'm in as Sydney Bristow:
lovein_disguise--Syd/Vaughn one-on-one rpg

i_do_it_4_you--Syd/Vaughn one-on-one rpg